Work at Highlands Aerial Park as a Zipline Guide

Each year, we hire guides in late spring/early summer to help meet the demands of the busy summer months. Training typically takes place the second week in June.

Qualities Mandatory for the Position

An outgoing personality and a desire to interact with the public and share the awe of the natural beauty of our mountain and its features. This position is primarily a customer service/public relations job conducted in the trees rather than a desk. Highlands Aerial Park strives to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our guests in this area. Unfailing responsibility to safety standards is necessary every second of the tour. While the highest standards of safety in equipment, construction, inspection, and accreditation are maintained and the industry safety record is excellent, it is an adventure outdoors with all the variables that can occur. There can be no lapse in adherence to every safety precaution. While it is an adventure for the guest, it is not an adventure for the guide. Physical ability with reasonable strength (gravity supplies the power) and good health habits that support the physical ability are important. Doing multiple tours in a day can be tiring and you need to be able to stay on your feet and active for most of the day. Women are strongly encouraged to become guides and a male/female team is actually preferred by many visitors. The minimum age is 18 for those who have the maturity required.


All guides need to be available at least five or more days per week and must be prepared to work long hours as needed. College students need to be able to commit to work through Labor Day weekend. Local residents have the potential of being kept on through the Fall on an as needed basis.


Easy to find.

Convenient and remote? You bet.
We’re just 9 miles from Highlands and 5 Miles off U S Hwy 23/441. Our entrance is on Dillard Road/Hwy 106, but you’ll quickly escape into the forest and feel worlds away.

From Asheville, NC: 1h 30m
From Greenville, SC: 1h 45m
From Atlanta, GA: 2h

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